The Pack Store in Ultimate Champions - European Summer Edition is your go-to destination to Kickstart your Euro 2024 fantasy journey and build a competitive team for the Tournaments.

Building Bulk of Collection: Purchasing packs is the most efficient strategy for building the bulk of your card collection.

Visit our in-game Store to explore the available selection.

Pack Types

The Store offers a variety of Packs tailored to different stages of the Euro 2024 competition.

Packs will be available in unlimited quantity throughout the competition, purchasable with UNA tokens or a Credit Card.

Group Stage Packs

Each Euro 2024 Group (A to F) will have the following Packs available:

  • Epic Pack: 3x Epic Cards — $7.5

  • Mythic Pack: 3x Mythic Cards — $22.5

Meaning 12 different Group Phase Packs will be available for purchase during the Group Stages.

Knockout Stage Packs

Knockout Phase Packs will only contain cards from teams playing in the next Knockout Phase GameDay, and will have the following versions available:

  • Epic Pack: 3x Epic Cards — $9

  • Mythic Pack: 3x Mythic Cards — $27

Distributed Athlete List

To ensure fantastic rewards and pack drops, we're minimizing the number of 'Inactive' players in the game, particularly those with minimal chances of participating in Euro 2024.

Consequently, not all EURO 2024 athletes will be accessible within the game; instead, approximately 20 players per team will be distributed.

Players who are more likely to feature due to sudden injuries within their teams may also be added to the distribution list at the later stage of the competition.

You can find the list of Euro 2024 players being distributed here.

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