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Holders First Program 🎁


  • Hold cards in Ultimate Champions
  • Get a chance to be airdropped cards for any new athlete, any new club and any new sport added to the game!

How to be eligible to be airdropped🎁

Every player with a Collection Score above 100 is eligible and has a chance to be airdropped — it’s that simple 💥
As a reminder your Collection Score is displayed at the top of your Ultimate Champion collections
Disclaimer for all airdrops:
  • Collection Score of a specific sport makes you eligible for new athletes & clubs released in that specific sport only
  • Collection Score of any sport makes you eligible for new sports added to the platform

What will be your exact chance to get a card?

  • We calculate the cumulated Collection Score of ALL players in the game
  • For each player we calculate the % his own Collection Score represents compared to the cumulated Collection Score
  • This % is in turn the chance the player has to win each item that we airdrop 🥁

Let’s have an example! ⏯️

  • The Analyst has a Collection Score of 9630
  • It represents 0.11% of the cumulate Collection Score of players above 100 Collection Score
  • We distribute 100 NFTs in an airdrop
  • The Analyst has 0.11% chance to get each of the 100 NFTs we distribute
With a high enough Collection Score, there is a good chance to receive multiple cards!

Airdrops Schedule

  • February 2023: Basketball initial supply airdrop
  • February 2023: Football winter transfers
  • TBD - Any new Clubs / Athlete / Sport released in Ultimate Champions!