Leagues are a common fantasy game mode, inspired by Fantasy Premier League (and others).

Leagues are free-to-play, meaning no purchase is required to participate and paying users won't have any substantial advantages.

The Leagues game mode allows players to join or create leagues that track the scores of each league participant across gameweeks.

This game mode will reward a very large portion of the player base every gameweek to power the loop of the game.

What is a league?

A league is a social hub hosting multiple players, which allows them to compare their performances during a gameweek, but also all season long in a leaderboard.

  • There is no limit to the amount of players in a league

  • There is no limit to the amount of leagues a player can join

How to join a League?

There are two types of leagues: Public and Private.

Public leagues

  • Public leagues are pre-created by the dev team of Ultimate Champions

  • They represent established communities like a country or a club

    • Anyone can join a public league at any time

  • By default, players are automatically in the following public leagues :

    • Global โ€”> All players in the game

    • More options coming soon

Private leagues

  • Private leagues are created by players at no cost

  • Private leagues have a unique League invite link that can be used by any player to join it

  • Private leagues have a code that can be entered by other players to join it

How to play in the Leagues?

To compete and be eligible for rewards you need to register one team for the upcoming gameweek.

In the Leagues you can use Ultimate Cards of any rarity!

You can then check how you performed globally, in your country or in your specific group of friends by browsing the different leagues you joined.

Below you can see the performance of one player in the 'Global' public league regrouping all players, and in a private league called 'Cresswell' that he created with his friends:

For each league you will be able to check your performance the following ways:

  • Your team's score this current gameweek

  • Your total points over the course of the season

  • Your average points scored each week over the course of the season

Leagues rewards

Leagues will reward players if the team they registered reaches specific points thresholds - in a true Play-To-Earn fashion! Only your performance against the game will matter for those rewards. You can browse those rewards directly in the Leagues game mode.

League customization (coming soon)

Players can change the following elements linked to their private league:

  • League name

  • Discord link - shortcut to advertise your private league discord

  • League banner

  • League portrait

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