Leagues is a completely free-to-play game mode, inspired by Fantasy Premier League (and others). It's an excellent opportunity to test your football knowledge and win some fantastic rewards along the way!

The Leagues game mode allows managers to join or create leagues that track the scores of each league participant across GameDays.

What is a League?

A league is a social hub hosting multiple managers, allowing them to compete and compare their performances during a GameDay, but also throughtout the Euro 2024 competition in a 'Season' leaderboard.

There are two types of leagues: Public and Private.

Public (Global) League

All the managers will be automatically be included in the Global league โ€” official Ultimate Champions league hub where you can compete with all managers for daily and season rewards.

Private League

Any manager can create their own Private league at no cost. These give you the chance to compete against your friends, family and colleagues.

To create a league, go to 'My Leagues', select 'Join or Create', and finally 'Create new league'. Then invite others to join by sharing the league code.

How to Play in the League?

Register a team

To compete and be eligible for rewards you need to register a team for the upcoming GameDay.

To ensure a level playing field, all the managers will receive Common cards of all the Euro 2024 players from the start.

Deadline: You will need to register your team or save your lineup changes before the GameDay starts. GameDays start an hour before the first match and end 10 am CET the following day.

As soon as the GameDay starts, you can register your team for the next one!

Track your progress

For each League you've joined โ€” Global and Private โ€” you will be able to check your performance:

  • Your team's score the current GameDay

  • Your total points accumulated throughout the Euro 2024 competition on the season leaderboard

  • Your average points scored each Gameday throughout the Euro 2024 competition

Win daily rewards

Every GameDay is another opportunity to win daily rewards. By actively participating and making strategic decisions each day, you can earn valuable prizes that boost your team and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Daily rewards can include UNA tokens, rare cards, and other exciting in-game items, all designed to give you an edge in the competition.

See the reward structure bellow.

Compete for the Season Rewards

The Top 100 managers who accumulate the most points throughout the entire Euro 2024 competition will also win incredible Season Rewards!

The Ultimate Champion of the Euro season leaderboard will be awarded an impressive $10,000 worth of UNA tokens!

Don't miss outโ€”start early and aim for the top!

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