MGC - Manager Contracts

The MGC token is our in-game soft currency and the main reward source for users. Its supply is unlimited and it is not listed on exchanges.

  • MGC can be used to buy basic Packs đŸ“Ļ in the Pack Store

  • MGC will not be sold in the game, it can only be earned by playing

  • MGC is not listed on exchanges and doesn't have a market value

  • The value of MGC is set by the the MGC cost of Packs

    • Currently: 100 MGC = 1$

đŸ”Ĩ All revenues generated from $MGC Packs đŸ“Ļ are burned!


Users can earn $MGC in the different game modes of the game as it is the main reward.

During the BETA phase of the game, you can earn MGC in the Leaguesgame mode.

Use cases

MGC can be used to purchase low tier Packs that will grant users a chance to unlock NFT cards

  • Basic packs

  • Jumbo packs

Other use cases will be developed as we add more features to the game.

Managing your $MGC balance

Head towards the In-Game Walletdocumentation for more details on MGC management.

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