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Season Rewards 🏀

Ultimate Champions Basketball season dates

"Ultimate Champions Seasons" for Ultimate Champions Basketball start of the Euroleague & Eurocup competitions (usually in October) until the end of the competition, playoffs included (usually end of May).
Every card minted in the game has a season listed on the card, showing which Ultimate Champions season the card was minted in.

Season leaderboards and rewards

Season rewards will be distributed to top performers at the end of each Ultimate Champions season in the leaderboard of the Basketball Global Leagues leaderboard! 🔥

2022-2023 season rewards

  • 🥇Top 1: Star Unique + 1 Mythic + ELTV pass + Signed Bundle (Basketball + Jersey)
  • 🥈🥉Top 2-3: 2 Star Mythic + ELTV pass + Signed bundle (Basketball + Jersey)
  • Top 4-10: 2 Mythics + Unsigned jersey
  • Top 11-50: 1 Mythic + 1 Epic
  • Top 51-100: 2 Epics
  • Top 101-250: 1 Epic

2023-2024 season rewards

  • 🥇CHAMPION: Drafted Unique + Drafted Mythic
  • 🥈Second: Drafted Unique
  • 🥉Third: 2 Drafted Mythics
  • Top 4-10: Drafted Mythic
  • Top 11-50: "Team of the season" Mythic
  • Top 51-250: "Team of the season" Epic
🎉'Drafted' cards are selected by the Manager, in a process where each manager gets to pick in position order and cannot select an athlete that has already been chosen.
🎉'Team of the season' cards are a selection of the best athletes during the season based on activity and performance, excluding cards drafted by the top winners.