Marketplace 💰

Our in-house marketplace allows you to sell and buy Ultimate Cards to and from other players. There is a separated Marketplace for each sport (Football⚽ and Basketball🏀currently)!

How to purchase a card on the marketplace💳

Cards in the marketplace can be purchased in:
Once you validated your purchase the Ultimate Card you bought will appear in your Collection once the blockchain transaction is confirmed.

Marketplace fee

Unagi is charging a 5% transaction fee on user-to-user trades, which will be redistributed in our Revenue Sharing Strategy. This is to ensure a positive pressure on the price of the $CHAMP - Ultimate Champions Token if there is a high marketplace volume 🔥

How to list a card on the marketplace

You can put a card for sell that you own at anytime on the marketplace when you're browsing a card you own. Simply define the price you'd like to sell the card for in $ and it will be listed on the marketplace shortly after:
Cards are only listed for 3 days (72h) on the marketplace. Past this duration they need to be re-listed in order to appear to other players! Cards can be sold while already registered in a game mode, resulting in an empty slot within the composition. These vacant slots are not eligible for substitution, ensuring the prevention of intentional manipulation of registered teams final scores.

Reserved listings

You can also reserve a card you're listing on the marketplace for another specific manager. Simply activate the toggle related to it and input the name of the manager.
Only this manager will see the card listed on the marketplace and will be able to purchase it!