Ultimate Champions is being developed by Unagi, a game studio founded by industry experts. We have assembled a talented team to build the ultimate NFT fantasy sport experience. Our team members include experienced free-to-play game developers, blockchain experts, and most importantly, we're all passionate about sports!

There are currently 31 team members working full time on the game.

Co-founders & CEOs - Charlie Guillemot & Remi Pellerin

Charlie & Remi have 7 years experience co-managing a game studio at Ubisoft. They grew their team from 35 to 120 employees, managed highly profitable F2P community-based web games and launched new F2P mobile games with multi-million dollar marketing budgets.

Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer - Matthieu Hocquart

Matthieu has launched and maintained B2B SAAS products, entertainment web and native apps with complex server-side architecture involving Ethereum blockchain.

Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer - Pierre Mattei

Pierre has more than a decade of experience in the video game development industry. He began his career as a Game Designer on highly rated AAA titles at Ubisoft, such as Far Cry 3 and The Division. He later progressed to the role of Lead Game Designer on multiple AAA F2P titles that attracted millions of players.

Art Director - Marcin

Marcin is a multifaceted award-winning designer specializing in UI/UX. He has previously worked with well known sports federations including UEFA.

Economic Game Designer - Kevin

Kevin worked on many multiplayer gaming projects across PC and mobile. Over the years he specialised in game economy and balancing.

Senior Game Designer - Ben

Benjamin has been a Game Designer for 8 years, and has significant experience in F2P and operation of live games. He has shipped a variety of titles including AAA games for companies such as Ubisoft and GREE International, indie games, and other licensed sports titles.

Live-Ops Designer - Ivan

Game Designer - Luca

Backend developer - Joao

Backend developer - Omar

Omar studied at the German University of Cairo (5 year BSc studies in Computer Science) and has 5 years of experience as a MERN Sw Developer, mainly on the backend.

Full-stack developer - Ron

Ron is a Senior Software Developer (8+ years dev experience) and tech enthusiast.

He co-founded Flipbase (video interview solution) as a CTO, is into NFTs, IoT and many other interesting things.

Frontend Developer - Michael

Michael loves to build simple digital solutions with a strong emphasis on applications that are easy and joyful to use.

Game Developer - Ruslan

Ruslan has been working as a software developer for about ten years. He started his career as a full-stack developer but for the last four years has been working only on the frontend side to be closer to the end users.

Associate Producer, QA & CS Manager - Etienne

Etienne has developed his cursus in the banking industry working for a wide variety of companies. His mindset and ambition led him to the blockchain and gaming industry.

Producer - Clément

Commercial Director - Ivan

Ivan worked as a management consultant in the sports and banking sector - advising some of the leading institutions in the world. At Unagi, Ivan's role is to identify and develop partnerships with leagues, clubs and sports entities across fantasy sports IPs.

Growth Manager - Jean

Jean’s key responsibilities include, but are not limited to, managing user acquisition activities, experimenting and finding growth opportunities. He worked as a User Acquisition and Ads Monetization Manager in the Mobile Gaming industry from 2017 to 2022, at Ubisoft and Ketchapp.

Data Analyst - Vincent

Vincent has a BA in international Management and an M.Sc in Russian and East EU studies. After working for 3 years in private equity, asset finance and financial consulting analyzing and modeling financial data, he decided to pursue his passion for data science. He has since gained experience working as a Data Analyst on a blockchain team building an NFT trading card game.

Partnerships Associate - Ndalu

Lou has around 2 years of experience as a financial consultant with some additional experience in fields like marketing/social media, legal, international relations, research & development. He is a massive Arsenal fan and has been following the web3 world for years.

Senior Recruiter - Moses Linnik

Moses has been helping to connect great talent with perfect job opportunities for years. After recruiting in IT in general for a while, he has recently specialized in Web3 and blockchain-related consulting.

Football Social Media Specialist - Pushkar - Pushkar

Pushkar has worked with Content, Social Media and Community Engagement for many years and has the experience of working with several niches - sports being one of his favorites.

Basketball Social Media Specialist and Partnership Associate - Danny

Digital marketing coordinator - Josepha

Community Manager - Quinton

Quinton has extensive experience in customer service, sales and account management. After many months of being a UC player and a valued community member, Quinton (also known as SpeedyQ) has decided to join the UC staff and focus on building our community full time.

Community Associate- Aouse

Marketing Artist - Iqbal Imranli

Marketing & Graphic Designer - Asad Niaz

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