Tournaments are a game mode where players can register a team that meets varied restrictions per tournament to compete for leaderboard rewards every Gameweek.

  • Each Tournament is split into multiple divisions, with higher divisions offering bigger rewards, but requiring higher rarity cards to enter.

  • Each Ultimate Card can only be registered in 1 Tournament at a time.

  • After each Gameweek, Managers in the top leaderboard positions of each Division will receive rewards.


Each Tournament has a theme, which defines the restriction of which Athletes can be entered.

Some examples of regularly recurring Tournament themes:

  • Regular Tournaments

    • โ€œGlobalโ€ โ€” No restrictions, players can build a team with any athletes

    • โ€œ23 and underโ€ โ€” Athletes who are 23 years old or younger on the start date of the current Ultimate Champions season

  • Special Gameweeks

    • League or Country โ€” Tournaments requiring players from a single League, or multiple Leagues from one country, may appear depending on the Gameweek matches.

  • Coming Soon

    • โ€œUnderdogsโ€ โ€” Athletes from a team that is currently placed in the lower half of their League (E.g. Liga 1 teams in League position 8โ€“16 out of 16)

    • โ€œMint Conditionโ€ โ€” Only cards that are in a certain condition bonus (Good, Great, Mint) or better.

    • More to come in future updates!

Tournament divisions

Every tournament has multiple divisions that have different team requirements, leaderboards, and rewards. The purpose of Divisions is to separate Managers of different levels, offering bigger rewards for Managers with bigger collections, and giving newer Managers a solid chance to win against other Managers of equal level.

Some Tournaments may allow Managers to register a team in multiple different Divisions, with the number of entries decided per Tournament. The max will most commonly be 1 or 2 entries.

Here is a sneak peak at the approximate Divisions we are planning to use for Tournaments (available Divisions may change per Tournament):


  • Requires 2 Epics in the team

  • Maximum 6 Epics, 0 Mythic, 0 Unique


  • Requires 8 Epics in the team

  • Maximum 3 Mythics, 0 Unique


  • Requires 5 Mythic in the team

  • Maximum 2 Uniques

  • MINIMUM Epic cards can be entered (no commons)


  • Requires 1 Unique

  • Only available in โ€œGLOBALโ€ and โ€œU23โ€ tournaments to start, due to high requirement

  • MINIMUM Mythic cards can be entered (no commons or Epics)

Regular Tournament Structure

Tournament usually can be known in advance based on a gameweek meeting certain fixture requirements found below.

Each Gameweek it is possible that any tournaments can be skipped or added, at the discretion of Unagi.

Fair play rules

โš ๏ธ Entry restrictions, team requirements, and reward balance should naturally lead to players of equal level playing in the same division. Tournaments should give every player a fair chance to win.

๐ŸชœThe first divisions will be very accessible and won't require a large collection in order to register a team.

Our objective is for any new player to be able to progress by collecting rewards in lower divisions, granting access to divisions with higher card rarity requirements.

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