In-Game Wallet

The in-game wallet allows players to manage their balance of MGC - Manager Contractsand $UNA - Unagi Token.

Players can fund their wallets or withdraw from their wallets. All rewards will also directly go to players' wallets.

How do I access my wallet?

You can access your account wallet at any time in game from the header:

It can also be accessed directly through this link:

How do I fund my wallet with UNA tokens?

Purchase UNA tokens directly in game!

We recommend to purchase UNA tokens directly in game through our in house solution! It can be accessed directly from your wallet or in the footer of the game:

It can also be accessed directly through this link Once on the buy UNA page you can select any amount you'd like to purchase and complete your purchase through Stripe (credit card payment provider):

The price of the UNA token may vary as the token is listed on exchanges. Current price:

There are two fees when purchasing CHAMP tokens:

  • Stripe fee: 2%

  • Service fee: 2%

Purchase UNA on web3 exchanges

If you are familiar with web3 wallets & exchanges, you can also buy UNA tokens this way and deposit them on your in-game wallet. We recommend purchasing through:

Deposit UNA to your wallet

You can then connect an external wallet and deposit your UNA tokens directly in your Ultimate Champions wallet.

How do I withdraw funds from my wallet?

Withdraw UNA

You can withdraw UNA tokens towards an external wallet at anytime. In order to do so, you need to fill two conditions:

  • Have an activated 2-FA

  • Withdraw a minimum of 10$ worth of CHAMP tokens

Withdrawal destinations

You can withdraw UNA tokens towards:

  • A connected external wallet (Metamask)

  • A specific address that you can enter directly - ⚠ī¸ make sure this is an address compatible with the game's blockchain network! The team won't be able to assist in case of errors.

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