Tournament mode is our competitive feature, designed to provide you with a comprehensive managerial experience. It allows you to build and manage your fantasy team, trade players, and compete without limits. Tournaments offer the most rewarding prizes by far, but entry requires Epic or Mythic cards.

Tournament Structure

One Tournament with three divisions will be available throughout the entire Euro 2024 competition. Divisions have different team requirements, leaderboards and rewards.

Managers can register their fantasy teams in all three divisions each GameDay!

Diversifying player and team selections across divisions not only offers a broader experience but also allows for strategic refinement tailored to different challenges. It's an excellent opportunity to explore varied tactics, hone your managerial skills, and maximize your chances of success across the board.

Bellow is the breakdown of division requirements and rewards.

Beginner division


  • Minimum 3 Epic Cards

  • Maximum 8 Common Cards


Pro division


  • Minimum 8 Epic Cards

  • Maximum 3 Common Cards


World Class division


  • Minimum 8 Mythic Cards

  • Maximum 3 Epic Cards


You can always substitute a card of lower rarity with a card of higher rarity to match the division requirements. For example, in the Beginner category, you can register with 3 Mythic cards instead of 3 Epic cards!

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