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Collection Score

Your Collection Score is the sum of all the collection points of the Ultimate Cards you own.
Depending on their rarity, Ultimate Cards will grant more or less collection points.
  • Rare ⇒ 1 point
  • Epic ⇒ 10 points
  • Mythic ⇒ 100 points
  • Unique ⇒ 3000 points

Use cases

  • Collection score will grant players access to exclusive Packs 📦
  • Collection score gives you a chance to get free cards airdropped every time we release a new club - all details here:Holders First Program 🎁
More importantly, your Collection score will give you eternal bragging rights! ✨

Card Booster

Burning Cards through the Card Booster 🔥will permanently add the Collection Score of the cards to the manager's collection.