Multi-Accounting Guidelines


Multi-accounting, the practice of a single user operating multiple accounts to gain an unfair advantage within the Ultimate Champions WEB3 NFT Fantasy Game, is a serious violation of our community guidelines. This includes but is not limited to, creating multiple accounts to obtain additional rewards, participating multiple times in events, or manipulating game mechanics. To prevent this, we have compiled the complete Ultimate Champions Community Guidelines. This includes sections on "Preventive Guidelines and Procedures," "Suspension Policies," "Investigation Points," and "Potential Fraudulent Situations.โ€

Preventive Guidelines and Procedures:

At Ultimate Champions, we prioritize fairness, authenticity, and user enjoyment. We acknowledge that multi-accounting can compromise these values, providing some users with an unfair advantage and disrupting the overall gaming experience. In light of this, we have devised the following guidelines, which all users must adhere to:

  1. No Concealment: Users are not allowed to conceal their identities using multiple accounts or email addresses. Each user can only have one account, representing a single individual. Any attempt to circumvent this, such as concealing identity or impersonating another user, is strictly forbidden.

  2. Account Management: Each user is permitted to create only one Ultimate Champions Account, representing a single individual; family, corporate or partnership accounts are not allowed. Each user is responsible for the security and management of their account. Collaborating with other users to bypass the terms or attempting to create an unfair competitive advantage is strictly prohibited.

  3. Single Account Usage: Every user is allowed to manage only one account. Using multiple accounts for any reason, including but not limited to gaining more rewards, participating in multiple events, having multiple access to restricted offers, or manipulating game mechanics, is strictly prohibited.

  4. Household Rules: To prevent fraudulent activities within households, no exchange of cards or tokens between users from the same household is allowed. Similarly, no token transactions can be made to the same external wallet.

  5. Respect Wallet Security: Do not share your account/wallet details with anyone, including team members or family.

  6. Wallets and Transactions: Interactions involving CHAMP tokens between independent users might not be sanctioned, unless these interactions are legitimate and follow our guidelines. However, any illegitimate transactions, particularly those involving affiliated parties or shared wallets, are strictly prohibited and may lead to sanctions. It's important to note that each user's UC Wallet property cannot be shared with a joint external account.

  7. Restrictions of Use: Several activities are prohibited on the platform, including but not limited to manipulating the platform; using unauthorized accounts, fraudulent agreements; or accessing the platform in any way not expressly permitted by the terms.

  8. Honest Transactions: Users are prohibited from manipulating the Player Card NFT value or attempting to create an unfair competitive advantage. However, there is currently no rule against selling cards to your friend.

  9. Trading Violations: Any form of account trading, selling, or sharing will result in immediate permanent bans.

  10. Termination & Violation Consequences: Users can terminate these terms at any time by closing their Ultimate Champions Account. We reserve the right to limit access or suspend any Ultimate Champions Account temporarily or permanently, especially in cases of suspected violation of these terms.

  11. Compliance: All users must agree to use the Ultimate Champions Platform and their accounts in accordance with these terms. Failure to comply may result in limited access or account suspension justified by multi-accounting affiliation.

  12. User Education: Users should be aware of the potential consequences of multi-accounting and the importance of maintaining fair play. These guidelines are communicated clearly to users, and violations will be met with appropriate disciplinary action.

  13. Account Suspension: Creating a new Ultimate Champions Account is prohibited if the previously associated account has been temporarily or permanently suspended.

  14. Account Monitoring: In cases where a user has been found engaging in multi-accounting activities and has served a period of suspension, upon return, their account will be closely monitored.

Suspension Policies:

Consequences for Multi-Accounting are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Users found using multiple accounts to gain an unfair advantage may face suspensions or bans, ranging from temporary suspensions to permanent bans. The severity of the penalty will depend on factors such as the number of accounts used, the duration of the unfair play, and the impact on the game environment.

  1. First Detection: Upon a first-time detection, a user will face immediate suspension for an undefined period until an investigation is conducted. The suspension period will depend on several factors, including but not limited to the number of cards, tokens, transactions, and rewards involved.

  2. Repeat Offenses: Repeat offenses will lead to longer suspension periods and could result in a permanent ban from the game.

  3. Severe Offenses: In severe cases of fraudulent actions, such as extensive use of multiple accounts or causing significant harm to other players or the game economy, immediate permanent bans may be imposed. These offenses include but are not limited to, identity fraud, account selling, and exploitation of game mechanics.

  4. Permanent Bans and Blacklisted Cards: In the event of a permanent ban, properties of permanently banned users will be returned to them after review. Users can retrieve their NFTs, but these cards will be blacklisted from the game, and won't be playable within Ultimate Champions anymore.

By adhering to these guidelines and suspension policies, we aim to ensure a fair, enjoyable, and authentic gaming experience for all Ultimate Champions players.

Through strict enforcement of these guidelines, we aim to maintain a fair and enjoyable experience for all players in the Ultimate Champions WEB3 NFT Fantasy Game.

In addition to these guidelines, we encourage all players to familiarize themselves with our Terms & Conditions, available at These terms provide a comprehensive overview of the acceptable and unacceptable practices within the game and can help you better understand the implications of certain actions. By understanding and adhering to our guidelines and Terms & Conditions, you can contribute to a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone.

Investigation Points:

  1. KYC first barrier: KYC policy is the protection for our users and may be reviewed for suspicious activity.

  2. Individual investigations: Detailed investigations will be conducted for each case, with various criteria considered. Multiple access points will be prevented and analysed.

  3. Use of Advanced Technology: We employ AI technology, IP address tracking, device fingerprinting, and other advanced tools to monitor and detect multi-accounting.

  4. Reporting Violations: Users are encouraged to report any violations of these guidelines or suspected fraudulent or illegal activities through our contact form.

Potential Fraudulent Situations:

  1. Fake KYC (Identity): If a user is found to have submitted a fake KYC verification or used someone else's identity, they will face immediate permanent suspension.

  2. Misuse of Family KYC: Using a family member's identity to create multiple accounts is considered fraud and will result in the suspension of all associated accounts.

  3. Multiple Accounts on the Same Device: Exceptional situations may permit the usage of the same device for multiple accounts. However, repeated actions of this kind are prohibited and will be monitored.

  4. Same Wallet Address Interactions: Transactions between multiple accounts linked to the same wallet address are prohibited and may lead to suspension.

  5. Repetitive Connections: If a user is found making repetitive connections between accounts (for example, trading or transferring assets consistently between accounts), they may face suspension.

Remember, in Ultimate Champions, your conduct should embody sportsmanship, respect for all players, and adherence to the rules of the game. Violations not only harm the gaming experience for others but could also result in penalties for your account, including suspension or permanent banning. Let's make Ultimate Champions a fair and enjoyable gaming platform for everyone!

Maintaining the integrity of Ultimate Champions is a community responsibility. If you spot any suspicious or fraudulent behavior, please report it to us at

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