Team Building Rules

Registering a team

In order to register a team you need to fill a team of 8 Athletes in total:

  • 5 โ€˜Courtโ€™ slots

  • 3 'Bench' slots

To register a team, it is necessary to fill all the slots, including those on the bench. It is different from ultimate champions football where 'substitutes' are optional.

Court positions

The court positions in Ultimate Champions Basketball are the following ones:

  • Guard

  • Forward

  • Center

The amount you need to fill for each court position may vary based on the formation that you pick as a manager. By default the formation will be:

  • 2 Forwards

  • 1 Center

  • 2 Guards

You can explore the different formations available through our formation switcher in the builder that is located on the top part of the user interface:

Bench slots

3 โ€˜Benchโ€™ slots need to be filled in order to register a team - โš ๏ธ this is mandatory to register a team!

Each bench slot requires one of each court position:

  • 1 Forward

  • 1 Center

  • 1 Guard

Substitutes in Ultimate Champions Basketball score the same amount of points as athletes on court positions!

Select a captain

When your team is entirely filled you will have to select a Captain on the court positions. The captain will earn +50% more points on his score for his upcoming match!

Point cap

  • When entering the Team builder you will see that there is a Point cap at the top of your athlete list.

  • Each athlete that you will select on the pitch & bench will reduce the amount of โ€œPointsโ€you have left!

  • The โ€œPointsโ€ value added is equal to the Last 5 average score of the athlete that is visible on each athlete. In the example below the last 5 average score of Motley is 87:

  • There is a maximum amount of points allowed and you cannot exceed it, in order to confirm you need to stay within the point cap budget

  • The maximum allowed may vary between Leagues & Tournaments (and specific Tournaments).

Good luck and have fun building teams!

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