Certik Audit

Certik audit results for our smart contracts can be found here:

DAO definition

The Team is represented by four wallets, each owned by a physical person. A fifth key exists as a backup key:

DAO’s smart contracts:

The Team controls the “Maintenance multisig wallet (MMW)” in order to manage operations relating to $CHAMP tokens.

The “Maintenance multisig wallet (MMW)” is used to initiate transactions on DAO’s other smart contracts. This wallet can perform different types of actions on our smart contracts:

  • Security actions: Requires 3 signatures out of 5 and transactions are instantaneous.

  • Moderation actions: Requires 3 signatures out of 5 and there is a 48 hour delay in the transactions.

Security actions

All DAO’s smart contracts can be paused. It is the only security action that can be performed by the Team.

Moderation actions

Two types of contracts can be impacted by moderation actions: (1) the vesting contracts and (2) the LOCKED CHAMP token contract.

  1. The vesting contract is a smart contract enabling the release of CHAMP tokens. The vesting schedule can only be changed on some specific pools: Play to Earn Reserve pool and Staking Reserve pool. These two vesting schedules can be changed 6 months after game launch. At any time, the Team can change the beneficiaries of all its vesting contracts.

  2. LOCKED CHAMP token contract is a smart contract enabling any holder of locked CHAMPs to view how many tokens they hold. The Team can update the list of tracked holders.

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