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Tournament Rewards 🏆

When registering to a Tournament in a Gameweek you are battling against other managers for the top Ultimate Champion position. There is no amount of points guaranteed to earn a reward, instead at the end of the Gameweek managers earn rewards depending on where they finished in the leaderboard for their registered tournament/division.
Reward tiers come in two types:
  • Fixed positions: managers matching this exact position on the final leaderboard take the prize.
  • Percentage positions: all managers within this top percent are rewarded, based on the final number of registered managers. E.g. Top 30% of 100 registrations = 30 players.
Managers only finish in ONE of these positions, the highest they qualify for. If a Manager comes Third, they do not also receive the Top 30% or Top 50% reward.

$CHAMP Rewards

Winning tournaments is the easiest way to earn loads of $CHAMP, the Ultimate Champions token, with higher positions earning more $CHAMP.

Tournament $CHAMP Reward Value

Rewards are set in $CHAMP, and are not tied to a dynamic $CHAMP to USD valuation. $CHAMP Rewards may be adjusted to offset when there is a major shift in the valuation*, as to not devalue the token by rewarding to much, and to equally not under-reward Managers for their success. An example of a major shift is a +/- 50% value change since the last updated champ valuation listed below.
* NOTE: This is an indication of intention only, and it is not guaranteed that the rewards will be updated at any exact time, or by any exact proportion.