How to Play

How to enter your first Tournament.

Since Tournaments have come to UC Managers can now register multiple squads per Gameweek with extra rules, which can be daunting. This quick guide will walk you through each step of entering your first Tournament.

How To Play

โœ… Enter the Tournament hub

You can find Tournaments by tapping play and selecting โ€œTournamentsโ€. The original Leagues game mode can be entered in the same way.

โœ… Choose a Tournament

Each Tournament has different rules on which Athletes can be used. Tournaments that you do not have enough Ultimate Cards to enter will show as โ€œNot Eligibleโ€.

Each Tournament has a maximum number of teams that you can register, so choose a tournament with remaining registrations shown on the right. Enter as many as you can each Gameweek for maximum rewards!

โœ… Choose a Division

Each Tournament has multiple divisions offering bigger rewards but requiring higher rarities cards to enter. Choose the highest divisions that you meet the requirements for to get the biggest rewards.

โœ… Build your team

You will only see athletes and cards that meet the restrictions of the tournament in your collection, and the team builder will show you the requirements you need to meet to register your team.

Once you have checked off every requirement and filled in every position, you can register your team!

โœ… You are registered

Your team is now registered for the tournament! You can [EDIT LINEUP] to change your team directly from the Tournament hub, or [LEAVE] the tournament completely to be able to enter another division or use the cards in a different Tournament.

โœ… Watch your progress

When the Gameweek is in progress the Tournament hub shows each team you have registered, where you can see your current position and tap [VIEW] see the pitch with athlete scores and the leaderboard (just like in Leagues). There is new drop-down options on the Tournament field to quickly switch between Tournaments.

โœ… Collect rewards

After the Gameweek finishes, Tournament rewards are given based on your leaderboard position.

If you finished in one of the top positions and earned a reward, you can collect the reward from the Reward hub along with your League rewards.

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