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1. Fantasy Format

Fantasy football

Ultimate Champions — European Summer Edition is a time-limited, free-to-play fantasy football game covering the UEFA Euro 2024 competition over 20 GameDays.

Your objective is to build and manage a fantasy team of real-life Euro 2024 players throughout the competition using collectible football cards.

Your team earns points based on the players' real-life performances, with goals, assists, passes, interceptions, tackles, saves, clean sheets, and other statistical achievements contributing to your fantasy score through our innovative Scoring Matrix.

If you finish high enough on the Leaderboard, you win rewards! It's as simple as that!

For indepth information on how player's actions translate to fantasy score, visit our Scoring System.

GameDays: Your Daily Challenge

The UEFA Euro 2024 competition will be broken down into 20 different GameDays in-game. Each GameDay offers a fresh chance to field your fantasy team and compete against other managers for incredible prizes.

Most GameDays last a single day, with the exception of the first and the Semi-final GameDays, which each span two days to better fit the Euro 2024 schedule.

Deadline: GameDays start an hour before the first match and end 10 am CET the following day. You will need to register your team or save your lineup changes before the GameDay starts.

As soon as the GameDay starts, you can register your team for the next one!

Below is the detailed GameDay schedule, including the number of Euro 2024 matches assigned to each GameDay.

In-depth match and player analysis is one of the cornerstones of success! Stay ahead of the game and give your team the winning edge. Explore all the exciting details about Euro 2024 in our Euro 2024 Summary.

Game Modes

Ultimate Champions — European Summer Edition offers 2 thrilling game modes:

  • Leagues: a free-to-play mode

  • Tournaments: a competitive mode offering dynamic gameplay and higher rewards

2. Play in the Leagues Mode


Leagues is a completely free-to-play game mode perfect for casual gameplay and a great place to put your football knowledge to the test!

Upon creating an account, you will automatically receive Common cards of all the Euro 2024 players, ensuring a level playing field for all the managers!

The challenge is to build a winning team each GameDay within a set budget, known as the Point Cap! Find more information in the Team Builder section.

Managers have the option to create their own Private leagues. These give you the chance to compete against your friends, family and colleagues.

What can you win in the Leagues?

Leagues mode offers a combination of daily and 'season' rewards!

  • Daily Rewards: Earn rewards for top performance on each GameDay.

  • Season Leaderboard: Compete for cumulative rewards based on overall 'season' performance.

GameDay Rewards

Every GameDay, you will be able to win the following rewards.

Next GameDay Cards: Epic and Mythic cards won in both the Leagues and Tournaments will feature players playing in the next GameDay!

Leagues 'Season' Rewards

In the Leagues, you will find a 'Season Leaderboard' where your scores from the entire Euro 2024 competition will be tallied.

The Ultimate Champion of the Euro 2024 season leaderboard will win a whopping $10,000 worth of UNA tokens!

It’s an endurance test, make sure to score every GameDay to reach the top.

Find the 'season' rewards bellow.

3. Get Your Hands on the Rare Cards

Tournaments mode is designed to give you a complete managerial experience, allowing you to build and manage your own fantasy team, trade players, and compete without limits.

To expand your gameplay and participate in Tournaments, you'll need Epic or Mythic cards. Here's how to get them:

  • Packs: Visit our in-game Pack Store and find a variety of exciting pack types to choose from.

  • Marketplace: Purchase cards from other managers on the secondary market.

  • Rewards: You can also win rare cards directly through Leagues and Tournaments.

Got your hands on some rare cards? Let's explore the Tournaments!

4. Play in the Tournaments Mode

Tournaments offer the best rewards (by far!) and require Epic or Mythic cards to enter a team.

One Tournament with three divisions will be available throughout the entire Euro 2024 competition. Divisions have different team requirements, leaderboards and rewards. Here is a sneak peek of the divisions and card requirements.

  • Beginner: Requires 3 Epic or Mythic cards.

  • Pro: Requires 8 Epic or Mythic cards.

  • World Class: Requires 8 Mythic cards.

Managers can register their fantasy teams in all three divisions each GameDay!

What Can You win in the Tournaments?

The sky is the limit in Tournaments! First place in the World Class division rewards you with $1,800 worth of UNA tokens, along with 2 Mythic and 1 Epic cards!

For more detailed information on Tournaments mode, head to Tournaments.

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