Ultimate Champions - European Summer Edition also comes with an in-house Marketplace where managers can buy and sell Epic and Mythic cards.

The Marketplace is perfect for getting high-rarity cards and improving your fantasy football team. While buying packs helps build most of your collection, the Marketplace lets you fine-tune your team by getting specific cards you need.

How to Use the Marketplace

Accessing the Marketplace

Navigate to the Marketplace from the main menu.

To help you search for specific cards or browse listings, use filters such as rarity, position, country, age, price, score, and playing next GameDay.

You can combine multiple filters for more precise and tailored results.

Buying Cards

Buying cards is a breeze. Here's how:

  1. Browse through the available listings and select the card you wish to purchase.

  2. Confirm the transaction using UNA tokens or a Credit Card to complete the purchase.

The purchased card will be added to your collection once the blockchain transaction is confirmed.

Selling Cards

To list a card for sale, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to your collection and select the card that you wish to sell.

  2. Set a price based on market trends and your valuation of the card.

  3. List the card on the marketplace and wait for another manager to purchase it.

Once sold, the UNA tokens from the sale will be credited to your account.

The minimum listing price is $0.50.

Marketplace Strategy Tips

Monitor Market Trends: Keep an eye on the marketplace trends to understand which cards are in high demand. Adjust your buying and selling strategies accordingly.

Transaction History: Each Epic and Mythic card includes a History section that records all transactions for that specific card. This can help you make informed decisions for future purchases or sales.

Marketplace Fee

To provide a stable and growing ecosystem, our economy system is designed to ensure positive pressure on the price of the UNA token, especially during periods of high marketplace volume.

The marketplace fee structure is part of this system, incorporating a 5% transaction fee on user-to-user trades. This fee is split between the buyer and the seller:

  • The buyer pays an additional 3% on top of the listing price

  • The seller is charged 2% fee of the listing price

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