KYC (provided by Jumio)

Why KYC?

  1. Protect our existing players and the value of their collections by preventing any possible multi-accounting

  2. Maintain an eco-system in which legitimate free-to-play players can progress and earn

  3. Maintain an easy onboarding of the game where KYC is not a blocker to start playing

Which actions require KYC?

The following game actions will require a validated KYC in order to be performed:

  • Claim rewards containing either NFT Ultimate Cards (Epic / Mythic / Unique) or $CHAMP tokens

  • Buy Packs in MGC that contain NFT Ultimate Cards (e.g.: Jumbo Pack requires it when Basic Pack does not)

  • List Ultimate Cards on the marketplace

Premium KYC provider

Our KYC framework is provided by Jumio ( a well-known and premium KYC service provider in order to have the most secure and transparent flow for our users.

  • Ultimate Champions' team do not store or own any of the personal data of our players - it is all handled on Jumio's side

  • Ultimate Champions' team will not use any KYC information for marketing purposes or any kind of user targeting

We will do one check in game: 'is KYC: validated: yes / no' for the actions that require it.

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