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Ultimate Champions is a fantasy football game. Fantasy football is a game genre where you are in the manager's position. Your mission is to build the best possible team every week with your Ultimate Cards.

Compared to classic fantasy games, Ultimate Champions has the following additional layers:

  • Players build their teams with the Football Cards they own as collectibles

  • Global Fantasy football - we have Athletes from multiple national leagues around the world

  • InnovativeScoring System where we attempt to value each position in the most balanced possible way using a wide array of statistics from every football game from Stats Perform (formerly known as Opta).

Players register a team of 14 Ultimate Cards (a starting 11 and 3 substitutes) in in-game competitions, which are in sync with real world sports calendars and usually span over a few days.

During the competitions, the real-life performances of the athletes translate into a fantasy score.

If users' teams reach a certain fantasy points threshold, they earn rewards. These rewards are a mix of our cryptocurrency tokens and new NFT athlete cards.

Ultimate Champions

In Ultimate Champions, you will build your fantasy teams with Football Cards in order to compete in the Leaguesand Tournaments that will reward you with new Football Cards and cryptocurrency tokens.

You can earn two different tokens in our game: the$UNA - Unagi Token and MGC - Manager Contracts.

Head over to the Economy ♻️'s section for more details. Those rewards will allow you to grow your collection of Ultimate Cards and improve your team as you progress in the game.

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