Scoring system
Disclaimer: Scoring will be subject to changes in the early stages of the game in order to fine tune the balance for each field position.

We work in collaboration with Opta, an established football data provider in order to precisely track athlete’s actions on the pitch during their live games.
Each action tracked by Opta is then transformed into an amount of points the athletes earn in Ultimate Champions.

Actions are sorted by categories matching the different type of actions that can happen on a football pitch:
  • Starting
    • Starting points are attributed when the athlete enters the pitch - it creates a basis for the points system.
  • Club
    • Club points are attributed to an athlete if the action happens for his club while he is on the pitch. For example an athlete can get points if his team scores a goal even if that athlete was not directly involved in scoring the goal.
  • Offensive
    • Offensive points relate to scoring goals and attempting to score goals.
  • Possessive
    • Possessive points are attributed to athletes for wining or keeping possession of the ball for their team, including successfully passing to a team mate.
  • Defensive
    • Defensive points are attributed to atheltes for intercepting, tackling, clearing their lines etc.
  • Goalkeeping
    • Goalkeeping points are attributed to goal keepers depending on their performance in the game.
  • Errors
    • Errors made by athletes in a game amount to a reduction of their fantasy score. Errors include fouls, yellow and red cards, etc.

Our main goal when defining our scoring system was to insure that all field positions could get an amazing score if they had an amazing performance. Yes, a defending midfielder deserves to earn a great score too! Therefore, it was important for us to calculate scores with the following logic.

  • A Goalkeeper will earn more points than a Forward by achieving a clean sheet
  • A Forward will earn more points than a Goalkeeper if his Club scored a goal

  • A Forward will earn 5 points when dribbling successfully
  • A Forward will earn 70 points when scoring a goal - since it is considered rarer and more difficult to achieve

  • E.g.: Missing a pass, missing a cross, missing a penalty, or getting a red card can all negatively impact an athlete's fantasy score

Below you can find all the modifiers for each action type based on the athlete's field position (GK, Defender / Midfielder / Striker).
Disclaimer: Scoring will be subject to changes in the early stages of the game in order to fine tune the balance for each field position.

The Athlete score is computed by adding every action score of an athlete in a match.

A card receives additional points on top of its Athlete score through its applicable performance bonuses.
A total of 3 different card performance bonuses exist:
The sum of all card's performance bonuses is applied on top of its Athlete score to get its Final score
Athlete score * (Sum of bonuses +1) = Final score
For example with an Epic card of the Current season that scored 100 Athlete score:
100 * (0,15 + 0,20 + 1) = 135
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