Packs can be purchased in our in-game Pack Store.
Every pack in the game is released in limited quantity (supply) over time.

Part of the supply for our most prestigious Packs will be reserved to holders of our Tokens & NFTs. This is to ensure that our most engaged players are rewarded over time.
We will also always have part of the Pack supply completely available to the public with no requirements.
This is to ensure that new users can also get a chance to mint our best Packs.

If the demand for our Packs is higher than our available supply, we will activate our queue system.

Disclaimer: content, price and Packs themselves are subject to change completely over time.

Basic Packs & Jumbo Packs can be purchased in $MGC or credit card. They will contain mostly Common Ultimate Cards with a chance of earning higher rarities.
All the revenues generated from those Pack sales will be automatically used to burn $MGC. See $MGC - Manager Contractsfor more details.

The Starting 11 pack is designed for new players that want to kickstart their NFT collection.
Players can only purchase this pack once.
It will reward players with 11 Rare Ultimate Cards, enough to build a full team.

Gold & Holo packs are the packs that will drop regularly over time.
  • Gold packs will be refilled on a weekly basis
  • Holo packs will be refilled on a monthly basis
The supply & price of those packs will vary over time based on the amount of active users we have in the game.

Special Edition boxes will contain only special edition Ultimate Cards. See Special Editions Cards for more details.

All packs have their price indexed in $USD, in order to insure two things:
  • Buying a pack remains accessible over time for new players - whatever the price action of our tokens
  • The starting price of our NFTs will stay stable - and will not dump due to poor market conditions
We could make more revenues if we were to index prices in tokens that go up in price, but we feel that this is a better choice for the player experience, which will always be our priority.
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