Ultimate Champions is being developed by industry experts. We have assembled a talented team to build the ultimate NFT fantasy football experience. Our team members include experienced free-to-play game developers, blockchain experts, and most importantly, we're all passionate about sports!
There are currently 24 team members working full time on the game.

Charlie & Remi have 7 years experience co-managing a game studio at Ubisoft. They grew their team from 35 to 120 employees, managed highly profitable F2P community-based web games and launched new F2P mobile games with multi-million dollar marketing budgets.

Matthieu has launched and maintained B2B SAAS products, entertainment web and native apps with complex server-side architecture involving Ethereum blockchain.

Pierre has 8 years' experience in video game development as Lead Game Designer for several F2P titles and AAA console games for Ubisoft.

Marcin is a multifaceted award-winning designer specializing in UI/UX. He has previously worked with well known sports federations including UEFA.

Kevin worked on many multiplayer gaming projects across PC and mobile. Over the years he specialised in game economy and balancing.

Benjamin has been a Game Designer for 7 years, and has significant experience in F2P and operation of live games. He has shipped a variety of titles including AAA games for companies such as Ubisoft and GREE International, indie games, and other licensed sports titles.

Anton is a passionate designer with a multidisciplinary skill set that combines creative knowledge with technical and business expertise. He has multiple years of experience in crypto and blockchain projects and has focused his work on empathy with users.

Aemal has been coding for over 20 years and led teams for over 12 years. He has been using JavaScript for the past 15 years and loves talking about why SpaceX used JavaScript in the Dragon Flight carrying astronauts Bob and Doug. He strongly believes that NFTs and DeFi could change the unbanked and disconnected rural areas of the world for the better and runs a few side projects to be a part of this change.

Michael loves to build simple digital solutions with a strong emphasis on applications that are easy and joyful to use.

Ruslan has been working as a software developer for about ten years. He started his career as a full-stack developer but for the last four years has been working only on the frontend side to be closer to the end users.

Etienne has developed his cursus in the banking industry working for a wide variety of companies. His mindset and ambition led him to the blockchain and gaming industry.

Ivan worked as a management consultant in the sports and banking sector - advising some of the leading institutions in the world. At Unagi, Ivan's role is to identify and develop partnerships with leagues, clubs and sports entities across fantasy sports IPs.

Jean’s key responsibilities include, but are not limited to, managing user acquisition activities, experimenting and finding growth opportunities. He worked as a User Acquisition and Ads Monetization Manager in the Mobile Gaming industry from 2017 to 2022, at Ubisoft and Ketchapp.

Deyah used to work for Liverpool FC's sponsorship team, helping the club sign new corporate partners. He also has his own start-up offering to record casual football games across London.

Aouse is a licensed Commercial Pilot and Crypto gaming enthusiast with 5 years of experience within the blockchain industry. After being grounded due to the covid pandemic 2 years ago he started working as a Community Moderator for multiple play to earn projects moderating socials, facilitating community engagement and growth.

Omar is a qualified Accountant and passionate Altcoiner since 2018. Having put their accounting career on hold in 2020 to focus on higher accounting qualifications, he started delving deep into the Altcoin side of the metaverse and became an involved, active member, and participant in many crypto-gaming communities; typically during the early stages, allowing himself to oversee growth and development within these communities.

Elias has been an active and passionate member of a wide range of NFT and crypto gaming projects ever since 2020. Prior to this, Elias started his crypto and altcoin investing habits at an early age. Elias has a degree in Criminology and a passion for problem solving.
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Co-founders & CEOs - Charlie Guillemot & Remi Pellerin
Co-founder & CTO - Matthieu Hocquart
Co-founder & Creative Director - Pierre Mattei
Art Director - Marcin
Economic Game Designer - Kevin
Senior Game Designer - Ben
UI/UX Designer - Anton
Tech Lead - Aemal
Game Developer - Michael
Game Developer - Ruslan
Dev Ops - Côme Trimoreau
Quality Assurance - Etienne
Commercial Director - Ivan
Commercial Manager - Sabeeh Imran Rasool
User Acquisition Manager - Jean
Partnerships Manager - Deyah
Senior Recruiter - Moses Linnik
Producer - Petra Jagodic
Community Manager - Pushkar
Marketing Artist - Iqbal Imranli
Community Manager - Aouse
Community Manager - Omar
Community Manager - Elias