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Team Builder: Your Hub for Strategic Team Management

In the Team Builder section, you have the freedom to craft a team based on your card management strategies and make critical decisions to compete against other players. Here's a guide to help you navigate through the features:

Main Features in the Pitch View: Your Strategic Playground

As a manager, the pitch view is where your strategies come to life. Here are the main features that allow you to craft a winning team:

  1. Selecting Athletes: Ensure to fill all the positions on the pitch to be able to confirm your team.

  2. Autofill Function: Short on time or starting from scratch? Utilize the Autofill function to generate a random team that meets the game mode requirements.

  3. Formations: Stand out from the crowd by choosing a unique formation. Select from a range of available formations based on the game mode to carve out your strategy.

  4. Sync Feature: Want to edit on different devices or browsers? The sync feature allows for seamless transitions between devices, enabling you to edit, confirm, or revert to the last registered team with ease. Note: The function will be grayed out if no team has been registered, serving as a handy indicator to ensure your team has been properly registered.

  5. Fresh Line-up: To start anew, use the bin icon to reset to an empty pitch and select an available formation.

  6. Captain Selection: Remember to select your captain to activate the confirmation action once the requirements are met.

Additional Features in the Right Panel: Your Management

The right panel is your toolbox for fine-tuning your search and selection of cards. Here are the functionalities it offers:

  1. Positions Navigation: Easily navigate to the positions you wish to view and manage.

  2. Playing Next Gameweek Selector: Use this feature to display only the athletes participating in the next game week, helping you to plan ahead effectively.

  3. Filter Options: Enhance your management strategy by filtering cards based on rarity, competition, clubs, or age, allowing for a more targeted approach.

  4. Sorting Options: For quicker navigation, sort your cards by score or rarity, and choose to view them in ascending or descending order, saving you time and effort.

  5. Selection of Athlete: If you have a specific athlete in mind, use this feature to isolate and find exactly who you're looking for, streamlining your selection process.

Utilize these tools to refine your search and build a team that aligns with your strategic vision. Happy managing!

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