Team Building Rules

Registering a team

To register a team, you will need to fill a team of 11 players. The team composition can be in various formations, using the formations feature drop down in the team builder. The default formation is:

  • 1 Goalkeeper

  • 4 Defenders

  • 4 Midfielders

  • 2 Forward


Substitutes will automatically be subbed-in if one of the athletes with the same position on the pitch doesn't play. Athletes that stay on the bench during a match or don't have a match at all during a gameweek are replaced. If an athlete plays even 1 second in the match, he will have a score and cannot be substituted.

The substitute with the highest score is taken into account if two substitutes have the same possition.

Select a Captain

Once your team is filled, the last step will be to select a Captain.

Captains have a +50% performance modifier (see Scoring System for more details) applied on their score.

Track your team performance

Once your team is registered, you will be able to check its live performance as the real live matches of your athletes take place.

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