Play to Earn rewards

Token Allocation
Total supply
Release schedule
Play-to-earn Rewards
Issuance starts at launch
Play-to-earn rewards are unlocked directly at launch and will be distributed in the following ways in the game:
  • Rewards for the top performers in Leagues
  • Rewards for the top performers in Tournamentsleaderboards
  • Rewards for the top performers in Broken link

Injection schedule

  • We will inject the play-to-earn allocation into the game rewards directly over the course of 260 weeks (5 years)
  • Progressive ramp-up during the first months to reward early adopters

How do we plan to keep rewards attractive over time?

Rewards from our revenue sharing strategy

$CHAMP injection amounts will decrease over time but will be compensated by the growing part of the revenues that is redistributed.
See Revenue Sharing Strategy for more details.

Other rewards

We will also have MGC - Manager Contracts and Football Cards as other rewards that will keep a strong base for our rewards value over time.