Card Bonuses

There are 2 card attributes that can boost the performance of a card, Card Rarity, and Card Condition.

Card rarity

Card rarity gives the athlete a performance bonuses, and higher rarity cards can play in higher divisions of Tournaments.
We will initially launch the Beta phase of the game with the Common, Epic, Mythic and Unique rarities. Rare cards will be released at a later stage depending on the amount of active players, see Live Operationsfor more details.

Card Stock

Rarities define the amount of season editions of Ultimate Cards that will be minted over the course of a season (August to July every year).
  • Common (infinite supply)
  • Rare (3000) - coming soon
  • Epic (300)
  • Mythic (30)
  • Unique (1)
For each athlete you can see in game how many cards of each rarity are in circulation

Rarity performance

Cards with a higher rarity will also have a higher performance bonus that will increase the points they score each gameweek (see Scoring system):
  • Common +0%
  • Rare +5% - coming soon
  • Epic +25%
  • Mythic +50%
  • Unique +100%

Card Condition

When NFT cards are first opened from Packs they are in
Mint Condition, giving a performance bonus. The condition of cards then degrades after specific time intervals.
Common cards start in Standard Condition.
You will find the Condition of the card in the card details, and in card previews. Images are examples only, final designs to be confirmed.

Mint Condition

  • A brand new card fresh out of the pack. It it pristine and still has that new card smell.
  • From date of opening until 3 months old.
  • 15% performance bonus.

Great Condition

  • From 3 months old until 1 year old.
  • Equivalent to the old "season bonus" for cards from the current season.
  • 10% performance bonus.

Good Condition

  • From 1 year old until 2 years old.
  • Equivalent to the old "season bonus" for cards from the last season.
  • 5% performance bonus.

Standard Condition

  • After two years cards will no longer have a condition bonus or icon.

Genesis (Special Edition)

  • Genesis special edition cards will permanently retain the "Mint Condition" bonus.
  • 15% Performance bonus.
An Ultimate Cards current condition bonus and time remaining at that bonus can be found in the card details, and by mousing over the icon in the Marketplace or Collection:

Performance bonuses in play

Performance bonuses are activated in the Tournaments game mode, giving registered cards a boost to their Gameweek score.
  • Multipliers are additive (+50% (Mythic rarity) + +15% (Mint Condition) = Athlete earns 165% of their Gameweek score).
  • Performance bonuses do NOT effect scores in the Leagues gamemode.
    • This is to insure that the competition in Leagues is as fair and casual as possible while keeping the competing spirit in other game modes.

Common cards

Ultimate Cards with the Common rarities are not NFTs - but free cards used to onboard players and the entry point to our free-to-earn core loop. They have unlimited editions, no performance bonus, and cannot be traded.