Live Operations

This page contains intentions on how we plan to operate key elements of the game once it is live. Disclaimer: every value and plan is subject to change based on the live situation of the game.

Price penetration strategy

In order to put emphasis on the growth of our user base, we will adopt a penetration pricing strategy. Initially, the prices of our packs and therefore of our cards will be very attractive. We will increase the price of existing rarities over time.
In parallel, we will also increase the number of rarities per card, in order to increase our card supply and remain accessible.
What does it mean? It should reward early adopters, as the content they acquire early on should increase in value over time.

Card supply management

Card stock

  • Each Card Bonuses has a specific amount of editions per season
  • We distribute those editions in the Game Modes as rewards and in the Packs
Since we have a limited stock, it is possible that our user base grows to a point that we do not have enough supply to ensure that we can reward players or continue to sell cards.
If such a situation arises, we will scale our Card supply.

Scaling our Card supply

There are two ways to increase our Card Supply:
  • Add new clubs and athletes to Ultimate Champions
  • Add a new Card rarity
Our plan, if we were to add a new Card Rarity, is to increase the starting price of existing rarities. We would also set a very accessible starting price on the new rarity.
The starting price of a rarity is used to define the price of Packsand therefore impacting the initial price of each Card.


The Beta of the game is released with the following Card Rarities (Epic, Mythic, Unique) and the corresponding starting prices:
Values are subject to change
If we were to release an extra Card Rarity (Rare), the starting price for each rarity would evolve the following way:
Values are subject to change