In-Game Wallet
The in-game wallet allows players to manage their balance of $MGC - Manager Contractsand $CHAMP - Ultimate Champions Token.
Players can fund their wallets or withdraw from their wallets. All rewards will also directly go to players' wallets.

You can access your account wallet at any time in game from the header:
You can also directly see from the header your balance in $MGC and $CHAMP tokens.

We recommend to purchase $CHAMP in the official swap page:

You can connect an external wallet and deposit $CHAMP directly in your Ultimate Champions wallets.

You can also directly send tokens to your wallet address:
  • Only $CHAMP transfers are supported
  • Be careful to only send tokens on the indicated network
The team is not responsible for any wrong tokens sent to the Ultimate Champions wallets

You can withdraw $CHAMP tokens at any time from your wallet. You need an activated 2-FA in order to withdraw.

You can withdraw both $CHAMP towards:
  • A connected external wallet (Metamask)
  • A specific address that you can enter -
    make sure this is an address compatible with the game's blockchain network
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