Ultimate Champions follows the football schedule of the football clubs that are licensed in the game. Gameweeks are periods of time that fall just before the start of official football matchdays. This can vary depending on changes in the official football schedule of our partners.
If there are significant breaks between matches for any of our official football partners, such as the offseason, Virtual Gameweeks may be scheduled. Virtual Gameweeks are made up of fictional matches with results based on previous athlete performances.
Once a gameweek starts, players cannot change their registered team anymore and Cards will start to generate points based on the real-life performances of their corresponding athletes in matches played.
You can directly see in-game when the current and next gameweeks are scheduled to take place. If you want to get updates more frequently you can also check the latest announcements in our official Discord server.
We aim to have 2 gameweeks per week every time there are enough clubs playing to allow it.