$MGC - Manager Contracts

The MGC token is the main reward source for users. Its supply is unlimited and it is not listed on exchanges.
  • MGC can be used to buy basic Packs in the Pack Store
  • MGC will not be sold in the game, it can only be earned by playing
  • MGC is not listed on exchanges and doesn't have a market value
  • The value of MGC is set by the the MGC cost of Packs
    • Currently: 100 MGC = 1$
All revenues generated from $MGC Packs are burned!


Users can earn $MGC in the different game modes of the game as it is the main reward.
During the BETA phase of the game, you can earn $MGC in the Leaguesgame mode.

Use cases

$MGC can be used to purchase low tier Packs that will grant users a chance to unlock NFT cards
  • Basic packs
  • Jumbo packs
Other use cases will be developed as we add more features to the game.

Managing your $MGC balance

Head towards the In-Game Walletdocumentation for more details on $MGC management.