Revenue Sharing Strategy

The revenue sharing strategy lays out how we plan to redistribute a portion of the game's revenues into the game's ecosystem.
The more revenues the game generates, the bigger the in-game rewards will be.
The objective is to have a self-sustainable economy that rewards users, NFT & Token Holders for the game's success.

Revenues generated by sales in $MGC will be redirected towards burning $MGC tokens to counter emissions and limit the price inflation. See $MGC - Manager Contractsfor more details.

Revenues generated by sales in $CHAMP will be divided between Unagi Operations and the Treasury.
The amount redistributed towards the Treasury will increase over time in order to reach a 50/50 split.

The Treasury is the part of the revenues redirected to players of the game.
  • 50% will be directed towards the play-to-earn rewards pool, powering the in-game rewards
  • 50% will be directed towards the staking rewards pool, increasing the potential staking rewards for $CHAMP holders
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